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Do NOT Put Jesus Off

Why are you here? I often hear people ask the question of what’s the purpose of life or what’s the meaning of life?

Now I have also thought about that too. First, when I was little I would hear that and think about it and think well that the meaning of life was to have fun and enjoy life and to do fun and amazing things! But as the older, I grew it started to change a little I then thought that the meaning was to get a good education and get a good job so I could get money and have a nice and peaceful life. I would work hard to get a nice home and start a family and work up saving money for retirement. And that’s how most people think in our world.

At college, I’ll be talking to some friends and they will ask what’s your plans after graduation and some will say they want to get a master’s degree or doctorate degree and some say get a nice job and travel. Which is a nice thing to work for and would bring great joy. But after God started working on me and he led me to start reading and studying more of his word I started to realize something. I had realized the true meaning of life.

We are all born into this world of sin and we are all full of sin and we all deserve death for our sins. But when you’re young you are protected by God since you had not reached the age of accountability. But that protection does not last forever and there is no set age when this occurs but it will. Once you know right from wrong you are accountable for your actions and you will have to pay for them. But there is a way through Jesus that you can be saved from the cost of sin! After you know right from wrong God will start dealing with you and he will lead you to him and Jesus but you don’t know how long he will deal with you! He may give you one day or he may give you 10 years but you can never know! And if you don’t accept him he will eventually turn you over to a reprobate mind and will never convict you again and there is nothing you can do to ever be saved and you will be going to hell. So while you’re still on this earth and you have not accepted Jesus as your Lord and savior the meaning of life is the chance for you to accept Jesus as your Lord and savior because the result of sin is death. So why didn’t God go on and send your straight to hell after you committed your first sin? Well it’s because God loves you and it’s not in his will that any should perish but all come to repentance and believe in Jesus. But then why is there a hell? Hell is meant for the devil and his angels and not for humans but the result of sin is death and hell is death. Since God doesn’t lie and he is just that’s what happens to the ones that do not believe. That’s why God has given us life and a way through Jesus to enter heaven.

This earth will one day burn away and be gone and the life we have on this earth will also be gone because God doesn’t want us to be in sin forever. You will either be in heaven with God or you will be in hell paying for your sins that you did during this life because you never accepted Jesus as your savior who paid the price for you so you don’t have to go to hell!

So what if I am saved why am I here? Well, I also have wondered that! Like I’m saved so why do I need to still go to church, why do I still need to keep my eyes on God and follow his will, why can’t I just live a life of sin because I’m going to heaven so it doesn’t matter. Here’s the thing if you sin, God will take years off your life. Also when you did get saved why didn’t God just go on and raise you up into heaven? Because God has a plan for you! You just need to keep strong and listen to him. We live in the flesh and the flesh cannot listen to God only our spirit can and when we sin in our life our spirit gets weak and it’s hard to listen to God and follow him. That’s why we need to keep strong and faithful to him. There is a lost and dying world that needs to know Jesus. This world is crazy and I see things every day on social media and the news that is just so full of pure hatred and so full of sin that I would not be surprised if Jesus came back any second because it’s really hard to think that it could get any worse than what it is right now.

2 Corinthians 6:2 For he saith, I have heard thee in a time accepted, and in the day of salvation have I succoured thee: behold, now is the accepted time; behold, now is the day of salvation.


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