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My Personal Testimony

When I was around the age of 8-10 God passed by my way. I was sitting in the church pew before Sunday school and God started to work in my heart. God started to convict me of my sins. God started to show me that I was missing something and that something was salvation. We went on back to Sunday school and the whole time during Sunday school God was working and convicting me of my sins and showing me that I was a Lost Sinner. God showed me that I was headed for a place called Hell. God convicted me the whole time in Sunday school then at the end of Sunday school everyone started leaving the room and heading out to sanctuary I stood at the doorway and God's conviction power on my heart was so powerful. God showed me that I couldn't walk out that door. I couldn't walk out that door of the Sunday school room without Him. Standing at the doorway I made the choice to listen to God's conviction and I turned away from the doorway leading outside and I ran up to my Sunday school teacher and I knew that I needed to be Saved. I got down on my knees and I prayed to God and I asked God to save me. God washed me in the blood of Jesus and he saved my soul by His Grace through the blood of Jesus Christ. I accepted God's conviction and Jesus moved into my life there that day and cleansed me with His blood. He washed all my Sins away and made me whole and saved my soul. After I got done praying the conviction power of God was lifted and I had peace and joy from God, Jesus, and the Holy Ghost. God saved my soul when I turned to him and listened to his conviction power on my heart and He washed me with the blood of Jesus.

I do not remember what I said during that prayer when God convicted me. I do not remember the date or the exact time. I don't remember much of what had happened that day. However, I do remember God's conviction power on me and I do remember turning to God and surrendering to Him. I do remember that God convicted me, I didn't convict myself. I know that God applied the Blood of Jesus my Lord and Savior to my heart. God gave me the gift of salvation and Jesus.

I believe in my Lord Jesus Christ with all my heart and I believe that he died on the Cross for my sins and that he rose again! I believe in Jesus and God saved me by his Grace and not by my works.

Thank You Jesus!


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