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  • Bobby Wiles Jr.

Stay Strong

There is no such thing as an easy day. Every day we have to face a battle against sin. Our flesh is full of sin but Jesus has paid the price for our sins. After getting saved you have been born again and washed by the blood of Jesus and your soul has been cleansed by his Blood. However, we are still in the flesh. Our flesh will never be clean and our flesh is not going to heaven but our cleansed soul is. Life is not easy in the flesh. We go through trials and temptations every day and sometimes we stay strong and resist but sometimes we fall short and fail.

There is no way for us to be perfect and that’s why we must be born again. Jesus was the only one that was perfect and he died for us. He died for our sins so we do not have to. The price of sin is death and Jesus never sinned but he paid the price for your sins. If you have been born again the devil can not make you lost but he will attack! While we are alive on this earth we will have to face a battle each and every day. We must keep our faith in Jesus and fight against the devil’s attacks. The devil will attack at your weakest points and he will try to beset you and tear you down. We must stay strong and keep our faith because Jesus stayed strong and lived a perfect life so we no longer have to pay for our sins if we are born again. But that does not give us the right to live our life however we feel. We must keep our faith in him and trust in him. We must live and follow God’s will. The Holy Spirit speaks to us in our hearts and we get convicted and shown the truth by it. The Holy Spirit leads us to follow and live a life for God. God keeps his promises and we must keep our faith.

This life is hard and the closer you grow to God the harder it becomes to go through life in the flesh. The devil will attack and try to beset you the best he can so that you will stop others from turning to Jesus because you weren’t able to show him living in your life. As a born-again believer of Jesus, we must be a bright light to the lost and dying world. Our lives must reflect the love of Jesus and God. The love that God has for whosoever through his Son Jesus. God gave his only Son so that we no longer have to pay the price of sin if we just simply accept Jesus as our savior when God convicts us and shows us that we are lost. The flesh will never convict you of sin but only God will. The devil will bring up past sins to try to cause a burden on you and that burden that he creates by tearing you down will dim your light. We must fight the devil with the truth! The truth that God gave his Son, Jesus, for our sins. Jesus paid the price of our sins so that we don’t have to. Through Jesus’s blood, our sins have been forgiven and God has forgiven us through the blood and has forgotten about them forever. We must remember the truth because the devil is a liar and the author of confusion. Do not let the devil beset you with past sins and don’t let him push you down. Keep up the fight and follow God’s will and know the truth of God’s promise. God will not leave you and you are his forever once you have been born again through Jesus Christ. The devil will always try to beset you but just know the truth and stay strong for God and Jesus. We must hold fast to faith.

Hebrews 10:19-23

Hebrews 12:1-2


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