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Why do bad things happen?

It is written in the old testament that someone will betray Jesus. This turned out to be Judas who betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver. So why would God require someone to do this? Well God is just and fair and it is God’s will that none should perish and all come to him in repentance. It was required that Judas would have to commit this horrible and sinful act but God always has an escape and always will provide a way!

Judas saw Jesus in the flesh and he even saw his works in person and knew him very well. So why didn’t Judas make it? Why did he perish? If it’s in God’s will that none should perish then how come he made Judas betray him and perish? Well, it’s because of what Judas did after he had betrayed Jesus. In Matthew 27:3-5 it states that Judas had realized that “he was condemned” and “repented him-self”. He then “brought again the thirty pieces of silver to the chief priests and elders”. He then said to them “I have sinned” “I have betrayed the innocent blood”.

Some may say that when Judas had when and tried to return the money he was forgiven and he was ok now. But here’s the thing Judas didn’t get forgiven and he was not ok. God was dealing with Judas and was showing him that he was a sinner and that he was going to Hell. So then why didn’t God save Judas if he didn’t want him to go to Hell? God has given us free will and only God has the ability to save but God requires us to see our sin and to turn to him. God will never force you to do anything but he will convict and he will show you the light and truth. God was showing Judas that he had done wrong and he was going to Hell because he is a sinner. But Judas never went to God or Jesus for forgiveness he went to the Chief Priests and Elders and he had tried to forgive himself! We cannot forgive ourselves and no one on this earth can give us forgiveness of our sins, only God can through the blood of Jesus. When Judas betrayed Jesus he was right in front of him and right after he had kissed him he could have gained forgiveness but he never did. Instead, he walked away and did not humble himself through the convicting power of God. Our flesh will never convict us of sin, only God can do that. We will never feel bad for sin through our flesh if you are not saved. Once you’re saved the Devil will bring up past sins and try to tear you down but only God will convict you of sin. Once God forgives you of your sin he will never bring it back up and he will never remember it! But the Devil will try to tear you down by putting the sin back into your mind.

So what happened to Judas? After he went to the priest and elders he “departed, and went and hanged himself.” The conviction of God is powerful and it’s up to us to listen. God wants his children to be safe and to be with him. That’s why he gave his only son to die for you! The love of God is the strongest love of all and he wants you. Judas did not want to listen to God’s conviction and he couldn’t bear it anymore. God’s conviction is hard to bear and when God convicted me at 12 years old it scared me to death! But God doesn’t do it to scare you away he does it because he wants you to realize that Sin is death and you are full of Sin. He wants to show you that Jesus has done paid for your sins. He so loved YOU that his Son died in your place. The conviction of God is a sign of love. A good father does not give his son a spanking because he hates them but because he LOVES them. Just like God loves you. He will spank you through conviction. But there is always hope through Christ. All you have to do is listen. Listen to God and accept his Son Jesus as your Lord and savior.

God is fair and just. It is God’s will for all to be saved. But God also gave us free will and that free will is led by the flesh which is full of sin. So bad things happen because our free will gets led by the flesh and not by God. We need to start listening more and we need to grow in faith. God will always be there for you! Jesus is our savior and he wants you! Just listen and follow him.


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