My Testimony

When I was young around 10-12 years old the Lord God saved my soul and Jesus moved into my heart. I don't remember the exact date or hour but I do know that the Lord passed by my way. I was about to go back into Sunday School at church one day and the Lord passed by my way and started convicting me. At first I pushed it off thinking I could do it later. However, the Lord didn't stop his work in my heart of convicting me. God's convicting power just simply kept growing. I went on back into Sunday School and the only thing that was on my mind was worry and heart ache. I couldn't think of anything else besides the fact that the God was showing me that I was lost and without a savior and that I was headed to Hell. All throughout that class I the conviction power of the Lord kept growing and I was holding back tears and I couldn't even lift up my head because of the conviction.

The class was then let out but the Lord kept on convicting me. I knew that in my heart I couldn't leave that room. I knew that if I left that room I may never get another chance to accept the Lord. The conviction power was deep and strong in my heart. I knew in my heart that I did not want to die and go to Hell for my Sins. I knew that was where I was headed and I did not want that. Everyone else had left the Sunday School room besides me and the teacher who was still cleaning up. I was near the door and I could have just simply went out that door and turned from the Lord but I didn't. I turned and I surrendered to the Lord and ran up to the the Sunday School teacher and put my head right into his stomach. He asked me if someone had said something mean to me and I just shook my head and then he asked if I needed to be saved. I then lifted my head up and looked at him and I had tears just on the edge of my eyes that I was holding back. I opened my mouth and was going to say yes but as soon as I opened my mouth I broke out in tears and I just busted out crying. I don't remember much after that point besides that I then got on my knees and I prayed to the Lord. I don't remember anything that I said to the Lord God. All I can remember is that I did not want to die and go to Hell and I needed God to save me. I know that there in that Sunday School room the Lord God saved me by his grace through Jesus Christ. It was that day that Jesus became my personal Lord and savior in my heart.

It was only through and by the Lord God above conviction power and me surrendering to God and then Jesus moved into my life and ever since that day I have believed and trusted into Jesus Christ my Lord and savior who died on the cross for me. Through Jesus and his blood God saves. When I surrendered to the Lord God in my heart, God quickened me together with Jesus and I was washed in the Blood of Jesus Christ. Not by my works or anything I have done. It was only by the Grace of God. 

Call to Preach

Late 2020 the Lord started to work in my heart to call me to preach. For the longest time when the Lord was working in my heart I was doubting my salvation. Doubting salvation does not make you lose your salvation. Once you are saved you are always saved. But for months I kept asking the Lord to save my soul. Over and over and never receiving any rest. I was hurting in my heart deeply and the devil kept on making me doubt my salvation so that I wouldn't listen to God. The devil kept on and kept on making think that I was not saved and I couldn't ever be saved. Once your saved God will never let you go. The devil had me doubting salvation for months and it hurt me and it hurt my relationship with Jesus and God. I kept on asking the Lord to save me for months. I would constantly go up the alter at church begging God and Jesus to save me but it did nothing for me since I was already saved. I was asking the Lord to do something that was already done and he cannot save someone twice. But I kept on asking God to save me I spend days and nights asking Jesus to save me. This was due to the fact that God was convicting me in my heart to go preach his word but I wasn't listening. I was just going along my life and was just satisfied that I was saved and that was before he started to call me. However, that's not what God was wanting in my life. God had other things in store and he was trying to lead me down a path to preach his word. 

But during the months before I accepted the call to preach I spent days and nights asking the Lord God and Jesus to save me and the devil kept on telling me lies. The devil kept on saying that I wasn't saved and that I couldn't ever be saved and many more lies. However, I just kept on turning to the Lord God and Jesus. I still do till this day turn to the Lord Jesus and God for everything. Whenever doubts and worries come about anything (salvation, future, or life) I just simply go to the Lord God and Jesus my savior. These doubts and worries can all be pushed away and the truth will shine whenever I go back to that day the Lord saved my soul. It's not about what I said or did besides just turning to the Lord God and Jesus Christ. 

Then in early 2021 after months of praying and seeking the Lord I finally accepted the call to preach. I simply gave it to the Lord God and Jesus and trusted in him to lead and guide me. I trust into Jesus my savior and Lord God above for everything. I thank the Lord for all he has done for me and I know that there is nothing I can do without my Lord with me and He died for me and He rose again and He will take care of me. My Lord created me and he did it all for me! One day when I leave this world the Lord God and Jesus Christ will take me home and I just hope that before that time comes I can follow the Lord's will and preach and share the gospel of my Lord and savior Jesus Christ. But I do look forward to the day that I can finally see my Lord and He will carry me home to Heaven. I know that Jesus will carry me home to Heaven because he moved into my heart that day in the Sunday School room many years ago. Either by the rapture or by the grave my Lord Jesus will take me home to Heaven and its only because I went to him many years ago and believed in him.